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  • Oxygen is one of the main parameters concerning fish health welfare. In intensive farming it is important that adequate levels of oxygen can be maintained at all times in the fish tank to optimize feeding, welfare and growth. An integrated medium oxygenators are normally the preferred choice in our designs. In this way we do not need an extra pumping step and are still able to supply the oxygen in an efficient way.

  • Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a technology used to separate some gas species from a mixture of gases under pressure according to the species' molecular characteristics and affinity for an adsorbent material. It operates at near-ambient temperatures and differs significantly from cryogenic distillation techniques of gas separation. Specific adsorptive materials (e.g., zeolites, activated carbon, molecular sieves, etc.) are used as a trap, preferentially adsorbing the target gas species at high pressure. The process then swings to low pressure to desorb the adsorbed material. 

  • 2. Features:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

1. Absolutely dry ,clean and oil free

2. Small sized and light,and easy to operate

3. Simple, reliable and easily maintainable

4. High flexibility, it is movable, can support oxygen for different quantity beds according to demands.

5. Energy saving, low power consumption

6. Cost -Effective

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mple hero unit, a simple jumbotron-style component





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