Recirculating Aquaculture System
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It is one of the hot-selling products of Zhongshan eWater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Limited. The accumulated rich experience and strong technological innovation capabilities have kept Zhongshan eWater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Limited at the forefront of the market, and eWater Indoor Recirculating Aquaculture System Shing Stinging Catfish Fish Farm in Bangladesh developed have perfectly solved the pain points of the industry and the market. It is technologies that keep a company stands out from other competitors.Zhongshan eWater Aquaculture Equipment Technology Limited will focus on improving our currently-used manufacturing technologies and will never stop innovating and developing our own core technologies. We hope that one day we will become a leader in the industry.

Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:eWater, eWater
Model Number:EW-RASWater Volume:60m3/100m3/200m3/300m3 and more
Fish Species:Tilapia/Catfish/Sturgeon/Shrimp/Seabass and moreWater:Fresh water or salt water
Application:Indoor Fish Farming water treatmentMain Equipment:Drum Filter/Protein Skimmer/Biofilter/Degassing and more
Customize Available:Solution for all kinds of fish species and capacityFactory Visit:Available
Use:Indoor Aquaculture Fish Farming

Product Description

The traditional fish farming is challenged by weather,water pollution and disease,and the production couldn't meet the needs of market.Now a new technology of recirculating aquaculture system can solve those issues and is getting knowledgeable and acceptable by more and more people.

With this new technology,you can get the following advantage.
1.Reduce the need for fresh and clean water while still maintaining a healthy enviroment for fish,and greatly protect the environment.
2.Available to control the temperature for fish.
3.Easier to control fish disease.
4.Hight stock density.
5.High production.
7.Site selecton flexibility and independence.
8.Ability to closely monitor and control enviromental conditions.

A complete recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) normally contains the following equipment.
Particle Settling Device
Drum Filter
Protein Skimmer
Ozone Generator(Ozone Disinfection)
UV Sterilizer (UV Disinfection)
Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Cone(or Low Pressure Oxygenation Device)
Lift Pump
Roots Blower
Electrical Control Box
Water Quality Monitoring System

Project information

Water flow -240m3/h

Fish species - Shing ( Stinging Catfish)

Harvest size-  100g

Annual outcome - 77MT

Total water volume- 342m3

eWater engineering team will design a solution based on customer's requirements together with our technology and experience.You will get a full picture of RAS solution which contains RAS process,RAS technical info,annual fish outcome,and RAS price.

eWater provide the best system for a particular application based on:
1.Proven commercial production performance
2.Capital cost (feasible within the funds available)
3.Operational cost
5.Availability of backup and technical advice
6.Durability (useful lifetime of equipment)
7.Ease of associated support activities (maintenance, feeding, grading, harvesting
8.Suitability for species cultured
9.Technology that fits technical ability
10.Redundancy/backup/unitisation so plant can continue to operate if there is an issue with part of it
11.Flexibility to make changes as required without compromising production
12.Expertise and experience of the operator

RAS Process

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