Construction of California sea bass RAS aquaculture system:

1.Site preparation: Select a suitable site for the construction of the breeding system. The site should be level, well-drained and have potential for sustainable development. According to the scale of farming and type of facilities, carry out site cleaning, renovation and leveling.

2.Facility construction: According to the project plan, carry out the construction of aquaculture facilities. Indoor facilities include fish tanks or ponds, filtration systems, oxygen supply devices, etc.; outdoor facilities can be large ponds or net boxes equipped with appropriate filtration and oxygen supply devices. Ensure that the facilities are structurally sound and meet the breeding requirements.

3.Installation of water treatment system: according to the type and scale of the facility, install the corresponding water treatment equipment. Including mechanical filters, biological filters, chemical treatment devices and so on. Ensure that the water quality is stable, free of harmful substances exceeding the standard, and has good circulation and treatment capacity.

4.TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM INSTALLATION: Install temperature control equipment in accordance with California temperature changes. Examples include heaters and cooling units to maintain a suitable water temperature range.

5.Equipment Purchase and Installation: Purchase required aquaculture equipment, such as feeders, control systems, and monitoring equipment, according to the project plan. Installation and commissioning of the equipment is also carried out to ensure normal operation.

6.Feed preparation and management: Select high-quality feeds suitable for the growth of perch and set up feed storage and feeding systems. According to the demand of fish, rationally control the feeding amount and frequency to ensure balanced nutrition.

7.Health management program: Develop a health management program, including regular testing of water quality and fish health, and take necessary preventive and therapeutic measures to maintain the health and growth of bass.

8.Personnel training and management: Conduct training for relevant personnel, including breeding techniques, equipment operation and animal health management. Establish a sound management team to ensure the smooth operation of the aquaculture system.

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