A sturgeon staging system is a system specifically designed for short-term or temporary sturgeon aquaculture. It provides the appropriate environment and conditions in which sturgeon can be properly fed, grown, and protected in the system.

Sturgeon transient systems typically include the following components:

Tanks or ponds: as the primary culture vessel, tanks or ponds provide sufficient space for sturgeon to live and swim. The tanks or ponds should be of suitable depth, length and width to meet the growth requirements of the sturgeon.

Water quality management system: Sturgeon have high requirements for water quality, so the transient rearing system needs to be equipped with water quality management equipment, such as filters and oxygenation equipment, to ensure that the water body is clean and oxygenated, and to maintain a good water quality environment.

Feed device: The temporary culture system needs to provide suitable feed device, which can be manual feeding or automatic feeding device. The feed device should have the function of accurate measurement and control of feed delivery to meet the nutritional requirements of sturgeon.

Temperature control: Sturgeon are sensitive to temperature, and the temporary rearing system should be equipped with temperature control devices to ensure that the water temperature is within the appropriate range to provide a comfortable living environment.

Water quality monitoring and recording: The transient rearing system can be equipped with water quality monitoring instruments to monitor key parameters in real time, such as ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, pH value, etc., and record the data for analysis and management.

Through the sturgeon staging system, the breeder is able to provide a favorable ecological environment and proper management within a short period of time to promote the rapid growth and development of sturgeon. This system can be used in seedling cultivation, fish staging during breeding, and water quality adjustment to improve the breeding effect and economic benefits.

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