Farming freshwater grouper has several advantages:

1.Market demand: Grouper is a high-grade fish, and freshwater grouper is also favored by consumers for its delicious meat and delicate taste. The market demand for grouper is stable and the price is high, so farming freshwater grouper can get good economic returns.

2.Fast growth: Freshwater grouper is one of the fast-growing fish with a relatively short feeding period. Compared with seawater grouper, freshwater environment is easier to control and regulate the factors of aquaculture environment, which is conducive to promoting the rapid growth and development of grouper.

3.Various culture methods: Freshwater grouper can be cultured in different ways, including pond culture, recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) and net tank culture. According to the actual situation and conditions, you can choose the culture method that suits you with high flexibility.

4.Strong disease resistance: Compared with other cultured fish, grouper has strong disease resistance and better adaptability to water quality and environmental changes. Under reasonable culture management, the disease incidence of grouper is relatively low, which reduces the risk of epidemics and input costs.

5.Sustainable development: Freshwater grouper aquaculture has a low dependence on marine resources and a low impact on the marine environment. Through scientific and reasonable  aquaculture management, sustainable development can be realized with higher efficiency, energy saving and reduced environmental pollution.



eWater can provide customers with professional RAS system, which is beneficial to the growth of freshwater grouper

RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) provides several important advantages and features for farming freshwater grouper as follows:

1.Water Quality Control: The RAS system is able to effectively control water quality by circulating and filtering the water. It utilizes a variety of equipment (e.g., Drum filter, bio filters, degassing systems, etc.) to remove suspended particulate matter, organic wastes, and hazardous substances to maintain clean water. Good water quality conditions are conducive to the healthy growth and immunity of grouper.

2.Oxygen supply: The high-efficiency dissolved oxygen apparatus in the RAS system can increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water and provide sufficient oxygen for the grouper. Freshwater grouper have a high demand for oxygen, especially under high-density culture conditions, and the provision of sufficient oxygen helps to promote the growth and health of the fish.

3.Water temperature control: The RAS system can stabilize the water temperature by controlling the circulation of the water body and regulating the heat exchanger. Freshwater grouper have certain requirements on water temperature, and the right temperature can help improve feed utilization efficiency and growth rate.

4.Disease prevention and control: The water quality control and filtration features of the RAS system help reduce the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and diseases. By circulating water and sterilizing the water, the concentration of pathogens in the water can be reduced, reducing the risk of disease and improving the health of grouper.

5.SAVE RESOURCES: The RAS system reduces the demand for water by recycling the water. At the same time, it saves energy, for example, by rationally regulating the operation of pumps and circulation devices to reduce energy costs.

In conclusion, the RAS recirculating water aquaculture system provides the advantages of stable water quality conditions, suitable oxygen supply, temperature control, disease prevention and control, and resource conservation for the culture of freshwater grouper, which enhances aquaculture efficiency and environmental sustainability.



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