We have RAS project for cultivating Mandarin fish with an estimated annual production of 200,000 kg

Currently, we have projects in the process of installing microfilters, fish tanks, protein separators, biochemical filters, piping, and other equipment.


Determine where the microfilter will be installed, usually choosing next to the fish pond or upstream of the pipeline. Ensure that the equipment is securely placed and easily maintained. Connect the inlet and outlet of the microfilter, and make suitable pipe connections and seals according to the equipment model and requirements. Ensure connections to piping or fish pond are tight and leak-proof. Ensure that the equipment operates properly and is capable of effectively treating suspended and particulate matter in the fishpond.

Fish Pond:

Erect the support structure and leak-proofing measures for the fish pond, using steel frames or watertight tape to secure and close the treatment. Ensure that the fishpond is structurally sound and able to withstand the weight of the water column. Connect the inlet and outlet of the fish pond, installing inlets, drains, overflows, etc. as needed. Ensure that piping connections are tight and that necessary sealing measures are taken. Fill the fish pond with water and start the pump to ensure good water circulation and oxygen supply. Adjust water temperature, water quality parameters, dissolved oxygen concentration, etc. as needed.

Protein Separator:

The location of the protein separator is usually chosen next to the fish pond or in a suitable place in the flow-through system. Ensure that the unit is stationary and easy to operate and maintain. Connect the inlet and outlet of the protein separator, selecting the appropriate piping connections and sealing treatments according to the requirements of the equipment. Ensure that connections to piping or flow-through systems are tight and leaks are avoided. Ensure that the equipment is working properly and is capable of separating and collecting proteins efficiently.

Biochemical Filters:

The installation location of the biochemical filter is usually chosen next to the fish tank or behind the microfilter. Ensure that the unit is placed smoothly and is easy to maintain. Connect the inlet and outlet of the biochemical filter, and select the appropriate pipe connection and sealing treatment according to the requirements of the equipment. Ensure that the connection to the piping or fish tank is tight and leak-proofed as necessary. Provide good biological filtration effect and water purification.


Plan the piping layout and determine the piping direction and connection method according to the installation location of the equipment and the direction of water flow. Ensure that piping is well designed and easy to maintain and clean. Install piping brackets and fixings to fix the piping in a suitable position. Use suitable piping materials and connections to ensure that piping is securely connected and free of leaks. Make pipe connections, using suitable joints and seals to ensure that the pipes are tightly connected and that the piping is free from leaks. Carry out pipe testing, turn on the water supply and check whether there is any leakage in the pipes.



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