Indoor water circulation aquaculture systems include a wide range of equipment, some of the common ones and their functions are described below:

Water pump: used to pump and circulate the water body. The pump pumps water out of the aquaculture facility, treats it and returns it to the aquaculture facility, keeping the water flowing and circulating.

Rotary drum filter and protein skimmer: used to remove suspended matter, waste and harmful substances from the water. Common filters include mechanical filters, biological filters and particle filters.

Oxygen cones: used to provide adequate oxygen. Oxygenation devices may include oxygen pumps, oxygen generators, and gas exchange equipment to ensure that the oxygen level in the water body reaches the appropriate level.

Temperature control devices: Used to regulate and control the water temperature. Common temperature control devices include heaters, coolers and temperature control devices, etc., to maintain a stable temperature of the aquaculture water body.

Water quality monitoring equipment: used for real-time monitoring of water quality parameters. Including temperature sensors, pH sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors and turbidity sensors, etc., which can monitor the temperature, acidity and alkalinity of the water body, oxygen content and suspended solids content.

Feed feeding system: used for quantitative feeding of feed. It can be a manual feeding or automatic feeding system, which feeds the right amount of feed on time according to the demand of the breeding objects.

Control system: used to monitor and control the operation of the breeding system. Including sensors, controllers and automation equipment, etc., through real-time monitoring of water quality and environmental parameters, control pumps, filters, oxygenation devices and other equipment work status.

Lighting equipment: For certain aquaculture, light is an important factor. The aquaculture system can be equipped with suitable light equipment to provide suitable light conditions.

These equipments cooperate with each other in the indoor water circulation aquaculture system to realize the functions of water purification, oxygen supply, temperature control and feed feeding, etc., which provide a good growing environment for the aquaculture objects. Meanwhile, the application of the control system enables the whole system to be more intelligent and automated, improving the breeding efficiency and management level.

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