The RAS project in Bangladesh is a recirculating aquaculture system that uses enclosed tanks and advanced equipment to provide an ideal growing environment to increase the efficiency and production of eel catfish culture.

In this project, eel catfish was selected as the culture species. Eel catfish is a high-quality food fish that is well adapted to high-density culture. The culture density is 100 kg per cubic meter, which means that a considerable number of eel catfish can be cultured in a 16 × 23.7 cubic meter PVC fish pond.

In order to maintain good water quality and a healthy fish population, a range of equipment is required to manage the culture environment. These equipments include:

1. Microfilter: with a flow rate of 400 m3/hour, it is mainly used to filter solid particles and impurities from the fish pond water to ensure clean and stable water quality.

2. Degassing system: There are 3 units, each with a flow rate of 60 m3/hour. The degassing system is used to remove carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the fish pond and increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water.

3. Biochemical filters: There are 5 sets in total, each with a flow rate of 60 m3/hour. Biochemical filters are used to decompose waste and harmful substances and maintain stable water quality.

4. Oxygen cone: the flow rate is 120 square meters/hour, which is used to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water of the fish pond to meet the oxygen demand of eels and catfish.

By appropriately configuring these equipments, suitable environmental conditions can be provided for eel catfish to grow healthily and rapidly.

The Bangladesh RAS project has great potential in the aquaculture industry to increase production and profitability and reduce dependence on natural resources. This advanced farming method is in line with the principles of sustainable development and helps to protect the environment and promote the sustainable development of the farming industry.


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