RAS Aquaculture System Project:

Six pp fish pond 8m*1.5m

200m³/h Drum Filter    

Three Degassing System    

200m³/h Protein Skimmer    


Two 40-60m³/h Oxygenation Column    



This is a ras system for breeding yellow catfish, California perch and so on.This system can effectively filter the fish pond feces and residual bait particles.Reduce carbon dioxide in water.Remove fine organic matter dissolved in water.Decompose ammonia nitrogen compounds.Increase the oxygen content of water.

High-density recirculating aquaculture project site refers to an efficient aquaculture method that increases stocking density and production through scientific management and the recycling of water. Here are some characteristics of such a project site:



Pond design: Large-scale cultivation ponds are commonly used at the project site, which are divided and isolated based on specific requirements. The ponds should have features such as leak-proofing, water quality regulation, and the ability for water circulation.

1.Water quality control system: The project site is equipped with advanced water quality control facilities including filtration devices, aeration equipment, and oxygenation systems. These devices regulate water quality, provide sufficient dissolved oxygen, and remove waste and harmful substances to maintain clean and stable water conditions.

2.Recirculating water system: The project site utilizes a recirculating water system, where treated water is reintroduced into the cultivation ponds, minimizing water waste and promoting sustainable water resource utilization.

3.Temperature control: Depending on the species being cultivated, the project site may employ temperature control devices to ensure the water temperature remains within the appropriate range, providing an optimal growth environment.

4.Cultivation facilities: The project site is equipped with corresponding cultivation facilities such as net cages, feeding dispensers, and feeding trays. These facilities provide suitable growth spaces and facilitate management and operations.

5.Cultivation management: A professional cultivation management team is responsible for monitoring water quality, feed distribution, disease prevention, and other tasks at the project site. They regularly inspect the cultivation environment to ensure the healthy growth of fish or other aquatic animals.

In summary, high-density recirculating aquaculture project sites provide an optimal cultivation environment through scientific management and technological means. This approach enhances cultivation efficiency, production yield, and promotes environmentally-friendly and sustainable utilization of water resources.




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