RAS system in Vietnam

December 29, 2023



The application of indoor aquaculture techniques in the Mandarin fish farming industry in Vietnam can bring many advantages and opportunities. The following are some common application aspects:

1.Increased production: Indoor aquaculture technology can create a controlled environment that provides suitable water quality, temperature and feed to maximise the production of Mandarin fish.

2.Disease control: Indoor aquaculture environments can reduce the risk of disease transmission by reducing the invasion of external pathogens. In addition, water quality and fish health can be monitored and preventive and therapeutic measures can be taken in a timely manner.

3.Resource conservation: Indoor aquaculture technology can effectively utilise water resources by keeping the water clean and reducing water consumption through recirculation systems and filtration equipment. It also reduces the need for land.

4.Seasonal irrelevance: Indoor aquaculture eliminates the limitations imposed by seasonal changes, allowing for year-round production and improved economic efficiency.

5.High-quality products: The control of indoor aquaculture environment can improve the growth environment of Mandarin fish and enhance the quality and taste to meet the market demand.

It should be noted that when applying indoor aquaculture technology, factors such as energy consumption, equipment investment and operating costs should also be considered to ensure economic viability and sustainable development.

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