Bangladesh RAS system

December 12, 2023



Indoor aquaculture technology is a way of farming aquatic plants and animals using artificial methods under controlled environmental conditions. It can increase farming efficiency and production while reducing the risk of environmental pollution and the spread of fish diseases.

In Bangladesh, aquaculture is an important economic source but faces many challenges such as climate change, environmental pollution and declining fishery resources. Indoor aquaculture technology can address these issues and improve the productivity and quality of aquaculture in Bangladesh.

Currently, indoor aquaculture in Bangladesh mainly focuses on fish, shrimp and crab culture. Among them, the main species of fish cultured are tilapia, Nile tilapia, grass carp, etc.; the main species of shrimp cultured are white shrimp, black tiger shrimp, etc.; and the main species of crabs cultured are hairy crabs and river crabs.

The application of indoor aquaculture technology has been gradually promoted in Bangladesh, which can be farmed anywhere, regardless of climate and seasonal constraints, and can control the aquaculture environment to improve aquaculture efficiency and production. In addition, indoor aquaculture can reduce the risk of pollution and the spread of fish diseases during aquaculture and protect the ecological environment of aquatic organisms.

In conclusion, the application of indoor aquaculture technology in Bangladesh's aquaculture industry is promising and will play an important role in promoting the economic development and improving the quality of aquaculture in Bangladesh.



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