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October 27, 2023



Indoor aquaculture systems are an advanced farming technology that can efficiently raise a variety of aquatic animals such as fish, shrimp and shellfish in a limited space. Many customers from various countries come to visit our company's indoor aquaculture system:

1. Introduce the advantages of the system: Introduce the advantages of the indoor aquaculture system to customers in detail, including the efficient use of space, saving water resources and reducing environmental impact. Emphasize the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the system.

2. Demonstrate aquaculture equipment: Demonstrate a variety of aquaculture equipment, such as water quality treatment equipment, temperature control equipment, and feed delivery systems. Describe the function and role of each piece of equipment and explain how it ensures the growth and health of the animals.

3. Demonstrate the operation process: Through actual demonstration, show customers the operation process of the system. Explain how to monitor the water quality, regulate the temperature, put in feed and manage diseases. Emphasize the degree of automation and intelligent management of the system.

4. Discuss breeding species: According to the customer's needs and market conditions, discuss the species suitable for breeding in the system. Provide information on breeding techniques and market prospects for various aquatic animals to help customers make decisions.

5. Share successful cases: Share the company's successful cases and experiences in the field of indoor aquaculture. Introduce the company's technical team, R&D capabilities and partners to strengthen customers' trust and willingness to cooperate with the company.

6. Answer customer's questions: Fully prepare and answer all kinds of questions that customers may raise, including aquaculture technology, market prospects, return on investment and other issues. Provide professional advice and solutions to help customers better understand the system and make decisions.

7. Provide visiting opportunities: Arrange for customers to visit actual farms or demonstration projects so that they can experience the operation and effect of the system. This will help customers better understand the advantages and potential of the system.

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