Grouper Farming RAS System Project

September 05, 2023



Freshwater grouper is a tropical fish, growing in freshwater and also in seawater with salinity below 10%. Its suitable temperature range is between 25~30℃, when the water temperature drops to 20℃, feeding is obviously reduced, the body loses balance when the water temperature drops to 15℃, and the water temperature should be kept above 19℃ during the overwintering period. Freshwater grouper is a demersal fish, resistant to low oxygen and strong disease resistance, and fish disease rarely occurs in the breeding process.



RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) program for grouper farming:

Drum filter: Microfilter is used to filter suspended particles, plankton and organic pollutants from the water. It effectively removes solid impurities from the water, keeps the water clean and reduces the impact of suspended particulate matter on fish.

Oxygenation column: The High Efficiency Oxygen Dissolver (HED) is used to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water to provide the oxygen needed by the fish. By increasing the oxygen concentration, the oxygen supply to the water body can be improved, promoting the growth and metabolism of fish.

Bio Filter: The biochemical filter is a device that utilizes a bio-attached membrane to treat organic waste and harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrogen in the water. It provides biofilm for bacteria to attach to, and through the degradation of the bacteria, it converts the waste into harmless substances and stabilizes the water quality.

Degassing system: The degassing system is used to remove carbon dioxide from the water and maintain suitable water quality. Through degassing, the pH value and carbonate balance of the water can be adjusted to provide a good growing environment.

Fish tank: Fish pond is the growing space for grouper, which needs to be reasonably designed and constructed. The size, shape and water flow of the fish pond should meet the ecological needs of the grouper and provide suitable water quality and space for the fish to grow.

UV sterilizer: Pipeline sterilizers are used to disinfect pathogenic microorganisms in circulating water to ensure safe water quality. It can use physical or chemical means to sterilize water and reduce the risk of disease transmission.



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