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July 18, 2023



Live fish holding system refers to a set of systems designed and established for breeding aquatic animals with high market value, and there are two definitions of traditional fish pond culture system: one refers to the adaptive short-term feeding before releasing or moving the aquatic animal fry to the breeding pond; the other refers to the removal of pollutants in the body of the aquatic animal and move it to the designated area for short-term stocking.



Of course, the traditional fish pond transient rearing system usually adopts civil construction or glass fish ponds to combine into a fish pond rack, and then puts oxygenation pipelines and pumps into the fish pond rack, and through the elevation difference, allows the water to flow back and forth to increase the oxygen content in the water as well as the water circulation.

In the past, the temporary rearing system usually put the oxygenation line and pump in the container to increase the oxygen content of the water and water circulation. Although the traditional fish pond staging system can achieve water circulation through the pump, but these systems usually do not take into account the fish pond feces, residual bait and other impurities, so it is easy to lead to the generation of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the fish pond, at the same time, staging tanks produce protein, organic matter, etc. will also cause damage to the water quality, affecting the aquaculture of aquatic animals, reducing the survival time of aquatic animals!

In traditional fish ponds, new water is added from time to time to dilute the impurities in the pond. However, no matter how to operate, the traditional fish pond staging system, has not been able to effectively extend the survival time of aquatic animals in the staging pool, and even added the cost of water and electricity to put new water for no reason, which is not worth the loss.

The new live fish storage system, the difference lies in the back end of the water treatment equipment, the water body of the holding tank will be led to a special water treatment room, through the protein separator, biochemical filtration tank, UV sterilizer, oxygenator and other equipment composed of the integrated system, rapid completion of the water quality filtration, and through the pump back to the holding tank.



What are the benefits of the new temporary fish holding system?

First of all, the fish holding tank system can maximize the extension of the pool of seafood breeding time, and secondly, through the circulating water equipment processing, can reduce the harmful substances in the aquaculture water, remove the pollutants in the aquatic products, effectively improve the quality of the meat, reduce the fishy smell, no matter it is the taste or the quality of the meat will have a great enhancement. Finally, the fish holding and quarantine system can also improve the breeding density of the system, and can effectively deal with the breeding of wastewater, not only the breeding water can be recycled, but also reduce the ecological environment pollution.

Precisely, the world's many committed to the design of factory water aquaculture systems and equipment manufacturers, are for the circulating water aquaculture system, launched their own water recycling model. For example, Evotec has launched an integrated system that combines protein separation, biochemical filtration tanks, and oxygenators, which can be customized and installed according to the spatial dimensions of the corresponding aquaculture site.

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